Is it safe to do Yoga after breast augmentation surgery

Choosing to undergo breast augmentation is no big deal. It is done to change a person’s life in so many ways. Some do it to improve the appearance of their body, and some do it to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem.

When it comes to having breast implants in Sydney, many wonder if their activities like doing yoga will be affected. Can you still do your yoga routine after undergoing breast augmentation? The answer is yes. There is no reason why you should stop yoga just because you now have larger or fuller breasts. Although your physical activity will be limited right after surgery because you have to follow a safety recovery period. The surgery will affect your range of motion; however, after you have fully recovered, you can return to your yoga routine.

So, how long will you have to wait before you can return to yoga after surgery? Most surgeons suggest you wait six weeks before engaging in strenuous activity. Note that each body is different, and every patient has a different recovery period. Some can fully recover after four weeks while others wait a little longer. It would be best to consult your doctor before beginning your yoga routine for you to be on the safe side.

Here are some guidelines on how to do yoga right after your surgery.

One to two weeks after surgery

Right after surgery, you are advised to get plenty of rest to allow your body to heal. Resting doesn’t mean sleeping and lying all the time. It means that you should not engage in any activity that would increase your heart rate. Your activity should be limited to walking; therefore, you won’t be using your yoga mat at this point.

After two weeks, you may still feel discomfort because of the surgery. You can take out your mat at this point, but you can only do simple yoga poses, and you can do them consciously. Take your time to settle on the poses you make by checking on the alignment of your body and adjust accordingly.

If you feel that you are still uncomfortable doing poses, you can focus on breathing exercises instead. Do breathing exercises that will help you calm your mind and relax your muscles. This can help you not to focus too much on the discomfort or pain you might still be feeling.

Three to four weeks

During this time, you can do seated poses and twists or poses that will help you strengthen your lower body. Although, you still have to avoid the poses that include bending your back or opening your chest area. Cobra pose is an easy pose but should still be avoided at this point in time. You don’t want to do poses that will strain the muscles on your chest area because that area is still healing. If you have an incision on your armpit, be careful on lifting your arms above your shoulder.

Five to six weeks

You may feel that you have fully recovered by this time. You may go back to your previous yoga poses before your surgery; however, you still need to be mindful of how you would feel upon doing bend poses. The key is listening to your body.

There will also be adjustments since there is an added weight on your chest so you may have to learn how to balance your body again. While it may be okay to do arm balances, it is still best to get your doctor’s approval. Try to do the sequences slowly and see how your body reacts.

When it comes to going back to yoga after breast augmentation, it’s important to be healthy during your recovery period and be patient. You should know your limitations, and you should not push yourself to do the activities that might cause problems in your surgery. Note that if you are not careful, it may take longer before your body heals. While waiting for your recovery, you can modify your yoga poses and only do the activities that will give your body what it needs. Always follow your doctor’s recommendations to ensure that your body heals properly after surgery.